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Musically is a very famous app and all of us enjoy using it. Its features include:
Musically can shoot 15-second videos in one or many takes. Once you have done recording, it can be mixed with songs and sounds. The app also makes you able to edit, by offering 12 pre-set filters and effects that can change the speed or reverse the motion of the recording. Other than that, it also has an option to create shorter videos, which are called live moments, that are moving photographs with music.
Users on this app can “remuse” sounds made by other members, which causes a new level of involvement with the content. Other ways in which users can interact with each other is through options like “Ask a Question” and “Duet“. This app, Musically has an option called “Best Fan Forever,” through which musers can choose certain followers who can take part in duets with them. Users can also send private messages to their friends using the option.
Musically’s is so popular that it causes the trends go viral throughout the app and also on other apps. The hashtags that are famous on generally make up to the top trends all over on internet on almost all of the popular apps.
There are many celebrities who use Musically and names of some of those include Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Andra Day, Selena Gomez, Shakira, Daddy Yankee, Bebe Rexha, Krewella, Brendon Urie, Meghan Trainor, Paris Hilton, Fetty Wap, Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Lambert, and Gnash. Singers have used this app to endorse their newest singles. Jason Derulo released the video for his single “If It Ain’t Love” on
A special feature of Musically is “crown”. A crown is present on all of these celebrity’s profile and every one of us wants to get a crown on our profiles. This crown makes you a celebrity on Musically. While it is a so desired thing, it is very tough to get this crown. You have to wait to get lots of followers and likes before you can get a crown.

Not only that, Musically user support says:
“Giving crowns is the way we currently use to establish the authenticity of key individuals’ profiles on Although we crown famous users in the app, we also give crowns for other reasons. We are working within key interest areas to verify certain accounts, and we encourage you to keep using in a meaningful way in order to have the possibility of being verified in the future. Please note that the numbers of fans, features, or likes that you have are not the only factors we take in consideration when determining whether or not an account meets our criteria for verification. Again, creating high quality content and actively engaging with followers and others in the community are the best ways to raise your chances of being crowned.”

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